Kirk likes it green

so is going green when someone is thrown out from where they live?
living in a tent instead of a car, is it reducing carbon emissions?
is it enviromentally friendly to have ticking time bombs of people walking the streets sure this is NYC but on the larger scale?
that guy who lives in the park by your place who you always see with a huge cart of bottles and cans, im sorrry hipsters your late to the recycling party
the woman carrying her entire personal property in those wonderful whole foods bags since thats all she was allowed to take when she was evicted
wait correct me they dont’ drink eco-vodka or all natural vino from napa valley
i will ask them next time what they are doing for the enviroment when they ask me for change to get something to eat there might even be a bench with my name on it soon
everyone wants to save the trees and planet but cant’ help the people around them
wouldnt’ it be a novel idea to save, recycle and salvage peoples lives
fuck the ozone layer and the polar ice caps
what good is a great green planet when everyone on it already lives on their own?
save the whales, plant a tree,club sandwiches for the seals
what about the homeless family that lives under the tree oh well
i could be batshit or my priorities are out of wack
im a fucking martian anyway


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