Whos space?

I am well aware of copyright laws,protected content,artists rights and so on and so on….
but in all seriousness can we just call bullshit on the topic of this with project playlist?

So basically im not allowed too:
host and stream music from freinds bands added to a playlist
actually have good music worth listening too on a playlist
expose new music to site visitors than maybe never heard of Billy Bragg (and i doubt he would mind)

but i can:
create a list from a handpicked lot of extremely mediocre pop fucking crap that is forced down my fucking throught every time i even check an email?
sift through a ton polished turds to actually maybe find something worth adding from a wonderful suggested list….
all local music cast aside and drowned in a sea of Beyonce Pepsi adds remixed for cable
because someone gets fucking paid thats what it is and they have the money to pay for it
its not myspace
its all their fucking space
and we all just happen to be here


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