Soul for Sale

Hank says were born into this , im beginning to disagree
it seems its more of a born with it
a monkey ,the albatross or even call it that huge plus sign from atop calvary
the weight engraved lightens and leans deeper even as we shift out heels to move forward
making every step fucking worse than the last one
i must have been a roman or nazi in my former life
samurai swore they will be reborn as samurai in the next life for their deeds and torment
theres days i wonder…
am i that bad of a person to carry this or was i possibly a horrible homicidal feckless bastard in a past life destined to carry my own prick baggage for the rest of eternity hitting
everyone else with it like one of the three stooges?
feeling everything i see
not feeling everything i should
you people better duck when you see me heading into town
or just pay me i have plenty more where this came from


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