so he says

Summer here means one thing
blood boils just like willie shakespeare said
so i prefer to wax pathetic over nothing with a beer or ten in the neighborhood
instead of the brawls of youth
sean pulled up towards his mothers house hard in his huge gas whale retrieving two gorgeous little girls when he parked
not a minute later my name echoed down the street
a really bad irish joke follows with a hug also if i get too close hes calling al sharpton
we catch up a bit
he heard i was out
he reminds me of a speeches i gave him in many summer morning drinking sessions
even if i dont’ recall them he still knows the words to im a man you dont’ meet everyday
down the street he returns
with a blank notebook and a case of beer that has been sitting in his mothers house from years ago
i wasnt’ around
so it was held until he could see me personally to thank me
he does well for himself
i remember what i told him in my drunken hours
it wasnt’ anything

drink more and listen to own advice


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