Stool Pigeon

Compliments never sit well with me , they never really have no matter how sincere or the person giving them
i get uneasy and almost embaressed to the point
thank you with a smile is even hard to pull off
only one has ever stuck to me
“if i was ever going to rob a bank theres only one person on this planet id take with me cause’ i wouldnt have to pay him to shut up”
my old man never has had a way with words nor is the fact of where the compliment is coming from at all even if you knew my family the littlest one is tough to come by
his thoughts come from years of keeping my mouth shut
all through grueling primary school detentions, 2000 word essays, having to sit a whole school year in the toilets
then getting on in age only to get a bigger rap sheet for holding my tongue with faced with much more than days in a jail cell
so with that picture finger painted
you will always get the truth out of me i just never subscribed to the tattle syndrome
finally i have given in after many moons
im a rat bastard
not yellow or guilty
in fact i have more guilt being hungover after a night of telling people to fuck off  and spending too much on a bar tab
i could never understand loose lipped people
i still dont’
it changes nothing
i wont’ lose sleep over it
sleep is a rat fuck himself thats been staying off my street
this is just part of the delivery and punchline


One response to “Stool Pigeon

  1. i too subscribe[d] to the notion that to tell on someone was wrong..that there is a sacred law..thou shall not rat[dob]..keep it till the grave..but what if it is the grave that someone will be going to? do you justify any ‘honesty is the best policy’ to your children? do you totally justify your own self worth if it is not to be be complacent is to condone..and we, as a collective whole, are far too complacent and people die because of it..we empower the few to commit horrendous crimes against i not be a ‘stoolie’?..a ‘rat’..a ‘fink’…i believe i should….

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