Church Once a Year?

We should have been heading towards school but of course instead we were loading up backpacks full of beer to head towards 5th ave to meet with the usual parade faithful and amateur green wearers..johnny profet whos’ grandfather is from sicily to this day knows the words to all the rebel hymns plus he could name that pipe tune echoing off the columns of steel no matter how much alcohol we seemed to ingest…green funny hats pack the booze drenched trains coming and going to the parade route, clogged up the bars with rookies who have no idea what they are celebrating they just know its a day to drink..
bagpipes bounce off buildings like a church organs all the way to columbus circle
aquaintances are waiting for us but we take our time through the park drinking in the day as well as the drink
sun fighting off clouds we hit the avenue ,polluted as the streets are going to be after all the glory
knocking back cheap beer meeting with people we said we would even its obvious they are assholes but theres whiskey to had before we move on to the bar around the corner praying they will serve us even though i look 13…
as always a pack of girls take a liking to john and are heading across the park they suggest we should meet them later on for drinks so of course we say yes since they were very eas on the eyes
many tourists and beers later its time to cross the park to the lovely ladies who i have no shot with so i dont’ even think i just drink, soaking in the crowd trying to get down the ave. and across the street amonst the high school marching bands
waiting for the light , tossing an empty into the can i hear someone apologizing to a young woman not too far from me but closer to john it seems he stepped on her foot or spilled beer on her from the corner of my blurry eay a full bottle of 22oz. heineken comes from behind the girl swinging
i grabbed john knocking over the trash bin into the street with a few tourists
even with all the chaos of the crowd there was a hollow thud from where this green bottle hit this unknowing kid dead in the temple followed by a mob to get him before he even hit the asphalt, he was gone before he even fell
the melee ensued and continued
we never met those girls, we just finished our beers in the park with the stolen bottle of whiskey
the two of us barely made it home
the kid on that corner                                                                                                                                    he never did


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