Only Fools and Horses

Some of my first memories are always wandering back to the church, the hugeness of the ceilings and the sound that bounced around you as the footsteps filed their way through the building
the voice of the preist sounding like the great and powerful OZ also being dragged there for every holy day instead of staying home and watching the Scooby Doo gang run into Don Knotts
the week of ash Wednesday my aunt Kathleen was warning me that we will be going to church and receiving ashes on our foreheads in some odd ritual
growing up with good catholic smokers right away i thought hmm ashes they smell but ok
as the day came along
walking to the church
my aunt proceeds to tell me where theses ashes come from and its not from the preists’ nights of drinking in the rectory while reading the good book..its the ashes of the nuns and long dead preists
this is also when i found out what happens to lame horses it was explained in the same fashion
so with these two truths
it took three people to get me up the church stairs and quite a few family friends to convince me that it wasnt’ at all true but the bit about the horses were
walking through Manhatten now i have to smile as everyone walks by with ashes as a sign of faith
even though it still could be the clergies retirement program on their forehead


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