William Wallace is bigger

Walking into the office early , turning down the headphones
the morning dose of the Clash goes dim as i join the living around the place
i belly up outside to see the vendors waiting to be seen as they talk the rounds over coffee…they dont’ include me since the white plugs in my ears are there for that exact reason but i can still hear the rabble as they wait
the new guy says to the veteran ‘hey what happened to that crazy one you used to talk about i heard he was back,the one who used to throw anyone out’
the veteran smirked ‘ he is still around he just came back, all the supervisors are scared because they know they are not getting over anymore’
‘So he really told Mikey the crew chief off?’
now the the older one is laughing ,”he was good at what he does and everyone knew it there was no one who could beat him so why deal with politics”
still waiting the rookie lit a smoke still waiting to get in ‘i hope i dont’ have to deal with him , you know how i do things half ass’
with a full on grin Joe the veteran informs he might actually have to deal with this madman one day
Ghetto Defendant had just ended so music goes away as Joe gives me a nod and a handshake
a little awkward the new guy shakes my hand and introduces himself
Joe informs him laughing with coffee almost coming out of his face , yeah thats your nutjob right there mind yourself and youll have no worries
with a look of disbelief this poor new guy had nothing to say as if shocked that this punk standing before him was this legend of sorts
i dont’ believe it myself
where this clever bastard has gone
im not all too sure
hiding away possibly in a cave
with no forwarding address


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