I believe it has done me good and will do me good, and I say God bless it

Holidays have always been awkward around here,well to be honest they were downright horrid
for everyone that ive’ known
most of us not having much family or family that were alive and didnt’ get along with we would always wind up together my friends and i as young bastards sitting in the park boozing while most people were doing holiday things
every year my family we take us around my aunts house on my fathers side,she had married into a much different family than we were they were rather well off compared to some people so it would be me sneaking out for smokes most of the day to avoid jokes about my neighborhood, all the dumb micks and the hooligans who ran it…
we had gone there rather close to Christmas one year it may have even been Christmas eve
for that matter
it was really late and freezing
feeling sorry for my fifteen year old self
the liquor store was a perfect option before heading to the park to be miserable with the rest of the malcontents
3 MD/20/20’s in the coat
the worst flavors to keep myself warm since of course there was noone in the park….
empty benches with the street lights looming over them with holiday muzak echoing from a very well decorated home
i sat in the usual spot and began to warm myself up waiting for the slightest hint of anyone to come around
people walking down the side street or even a car would get me exited just to see signs of life
sitting there humming Billy Bragg tunes mixed with half assed music from the house knocking back the bottles of cheap bum wine,yes merry Christmas to me
Johhny Prof found me half asleep, three sheets to the wind
screaming the the lyrics to Fairytale of NY in my face to get me awake
only to finish what we had left in piss wine
to head to my house to watch the Seymour Hicks version of Scrooge


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