Snow,Coffee and Married People

So after missing the bus
having time to kill i grabbed the worst cup of coffee they could possibly serve to a tourist or human by any NYC health standard ,i went outside to have a smoke and watch the snow fall over the harbor
there was a couple taking pictures on a bench near by
not having any music i get to enjoy their conversation with the wind blasting off the water
the cute blonde speaks of Christmas presents while he snap photos of a completely snow clouded blurry skyline,she mentions a ring she had seen
quickly he responds..(some name)i just spent everything to get us here for the holidays while we both had the time off,you know if i could get it i would
with a huff another mans name gets blurted from her mouth that he would be able to get it for her
a little louder now,a little taken back i hear him say well he is already married with a kid
without even hesitating she gets off the bench fixes her scarf
grabbing her designer bag tells him thats his wife and kids problem
“theyve’ never mattered before (other asshole name) will get it for her”
if i didnt’ just pay two dollars for this piss cofee that was keeping my hands warm …i most likely would have launched it straight for her suede jacket pretending it was the wind
plus she wasnt’ worth missing a warm bus ride
or this guy on the frozen bench either


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