I can see your house from here

This back of mine is killing me,its not just from the labor though
when your young your given this cross around here
not for any birthday or left under the christmas tree,one day its just handed over like the keys to some old green ford that you would never choose to drive
a pocket full of mass cards
your heart goes on your sleeve
while the rest of it goes on your back until the load lifts itself from dragging it through these streets that have no end no matter the town or country
they say the good lord never gives you more than you carry
which i hold true
it would be grand
between the pitfalls
turmoil and wreckage
there were rest stops on this road i seem to be traveling along
the company i keep needs to dry their eyes
neither load is too heavy a job for me to take on
i will gladly carry
push or pull
just hold this for me while i clear her rain
lean it against Calvary for a minute
while i grab a few rounds
this is just a favor
i will come back
i will even put coins in the meter
i will pay for for it either way
just remember to move for alternate side of the street parking


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