Get Off that Fence

We all know some undesirable people through the years or even now..whether they are just lost causes or misunderstood entities to the rest of the world….
they are kept in our lives and neighborhoods for reasons unbeknownst to most as heads shake  at the latest installment of nonsense
yes, most of us know these people all too well
add any adjective you like to the list
they will fall into a catorgory somewhere
like bad charactors in a foreign film with no budget
As usual after a few drinks,laughs and a few horror stories
the question arises if they are not in the know…you actually know these people?
The answer is usually the same
light the smoke
smile with a yes and if i were picking a kickball team of life
i would pick some of these people first
who would you pick and why?
can you even answer this?
its not a chess match but a fleeting schoolyard game
it has noting to do with physical or mental ability
simple childhood heart is all it takes
not knowing any better
take note
you might be up next


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